Frequently asked questions

What sort of 'art' is accepted?

Open to all New Zealand visual artists – both established and emerging. Paintings and illustrations are accepted.

Submission artwork doesn’t need to be current either, it can be an old favourite. So if you’ve got a piece which has already sold, or one that you don’t want to part with, it could be a great opportunity to earn some extra money.

We don’t accept: digital art*, sculpture, ceramics, textile art or photography.

*Note: Ultimately the decision comes from the publisher, however we create these calendars to give traditional visual artists an opportunity to showcase their work to an analog audience.

Is there a theme?

The theme is the same every year: New Zealand.

This can include landscapes, portraits, cityscapes, kiwiana – essentially anything relating to New Zealand.

Is there a max file size for image uploads?

Our submission form has a max file size of 10 MB, however our Dropbox folder (provided at the end of the form) is unlimited.

If you have a ton of images to upload, we suggest uploading one image in the form and the rest into our Dropbox folder.

Where are the calendars sold?

Calendars are sold online and throughout New Zealand at the usual stationery outlets (Whitcoulls, Warehouse Stationery and Paper Plus, etc). They’re also available in Australia via some online stockists (Booktopia, Calendar Club, etc).

Click here for a full list of stockists.

Do artists get paid?

Absolutely! All successful artists are paid, with the final amount dependent on whether their artwork is selected for the cover (this scores an extra NZ$150).

Payment options include:

  • Receive NZ$120 per image, or
  • Receive x30 calendars (RRP NZ$25.99).

Regardless of which payment option is selected, all successful artists also receive a couple of samples of the printed calendar.

What other perks are there?

Each successful artists name, artwork title and website are printed inside each calendar, plus each artists name is also printed on the back cover.

There is no cost to you – the publisher manages the printing, the distribution and each stockist manage any advertising of the calendar to their customers.

When do you announce selections?

Our typical process is to shortlist and then make the initial selections. Once we’ve received the Publishers approval we can move onto the production phase (popping each selected piece into the calendar and sending successful artists their proofs to check).

Unfortunately we can’t make any announcements regarding the selections, in-case we need to make any last minute swaps (with the shortlisted artists) – or the calendar title is completely pulled from production (this is super rare).

Once the calendar has been sent to print, we will share the final calendar and artist selections to the masses via our social media.

Get noticed

Your work will be on the shelves of stationery stores around New Zealand (and online!), and will be seen by thousands of eyes for an entire month.

Extra income

All successful artists not only get paid to appear in the calendars, but also have the opportunity to purchase calendars (at wholesale prices) to sell to your network.

Feel good

We’re not going to lie – getting your work published in one of our art calendars gives you a dopamine hit all year long.


File setup guide

All images must be
high resolution

  • 300 PPI or higher
  • RGB
  • JPG, TIFF files accepted
  • at least 3600 px (shortest edge)

Square format

Calendars are a square format and will be printed with full bleed (no white borders). 

You’re welcome to supply rectangle images – we'll crop the artwork to the best fit. Before sending the calendars to print, we also send each successful artist a PDF proof of their month to double check.

File names

Please name your files with your full name and artwork title, for example: 

This helps us to know which file belongs to which artist. 

No phone images

We suggest using a DSLR camera which will give you more creative control when it comes to exposure, white balance and resolution.

Licensing terms

To be included in the submission process, all artists need to fill out the Application Form, as this includes information regarding our Licensing Terms.

Multiple images

You’re welcome to submit more than one image. We provide a Dropbox link at the end of the Application Form to upload your images. 

Please don’t fill out the form multiple times. 


Applications have now closed.


Previous artists and calendars

Artists’ Impressions of
New Zealand 2024

Featuring Amber Adams, Shirley Cresswell, Sarah Pou, Bonnie Fraser, Lindsey Baker, Irina Velman, Charlotte Hird, Rosanne Croucher, Libby McColl, Nicola Welten (cover artist), Laura Smith and Bernice Radcliffe.

Contemporary New Zealand Art 2024

Featuring Livia Dias, Ira Mitchell, Sarah Pou (cover artist), Kirsten McIntosh, Marcia Soanes, Mark Tyrrell, Timon Maxey, Rosslyn Johnson, Lori Davis, Joanne Bowe, Bonnie Fraser and Shirley Cresswell.

Artists’ Impressions of New Zealand 2023

Featuring Libby McColl, Kerri-Lee Gunter, Irina Velman (cover artist), Ira Mitchell, Rosanne Croucher, Renee Walden, Jacquie Ellis, Carl Cockill and Livia Dias.

Contemporary New Zealand Art 2023

Featuring Rosanne Croucher, Bob Mitchener, Lindsey Baker, Sarah Garland, David Corballis, Charlotte Hird, Arna Marshall, Miranda J. Caird, Tatyana Kulida, Paula Brill, Heimler & Proc and Irina Velman (cover artist).

Artists’ Impressions of New Zealand 2022

Featuring Heimler & Proc, Lindsey Baker, Haihui Wang, Timon Maxey, Richard Robinson (cover artist), Jo Gallagher, Fiona Goulding, Libby McColl, Livia Dias, Marilyn Andrews and Rosslyn Johnson.

Contemporary New Zealand Art 2022

Featuring Ira Mitchell, Terry Bennett, Timon Maxey, Mauricio Benega,
Caroline della Porta, Tim Spindler, Verena Tagmann, Julie Greig, Lindsey
Baker, Jacquie Ellis, Marc McKinlay (cover artist) and Richard

Māori Art of Aotearoa 2021

Featuring Michelle Estall, Lewis Gardiner, Te Maari Gardiner, Michael
Matchitt, Kura Te Waru-Rewiri, Lily Kaukau, Aaron Manuel, Whare Bidois
and Tane Te Manu McRoberts (cover artist).

Contemporary New Zealand Art 2021

Featuring Wayne Vickers, Mauricio Benega, Livia Dias, Libby McColl,
Kylie Wardlaw, Timon Maxey, Carina Orvan, Sue Currie (cover artist),
Pauline Gough and Richard Robinson.

Artists’ Impressions of New Zealand 2021

Featuring Bryce Brown, Fiona Goulding, Jacquie Ellis, Steve Bellamy, Ian
Scott, Sandra Whyte, Libby McColl, Livia Dias, Emmaline Bailey, Richard
Robinson and Irina Velman (cover artist).

Māori Art of Aotearoa 2020

Featuring Todd Couper (cover artist), Madia Purvis, Vendelas Illustrations, Arohanoa Mathews, Dan Irvine, Saber Stainton, Janie Tuapawa-Hitaua, Ani Huia Ligaliga, Sam Mangakāhia and Tania Lewis-Rickard.

Contemporary New Zealand Art 2020

Featuring Mauricio Benega, Donna Massey, Heimler & Proc, Matt Guild,
Julie Greig, Irina Velman (cover artist), Ira Mitchell, Libby McColl and Jo Gallagher.

Artists’ Impressions of New Zealand 2020

Featuring Matt Guild (cover artist), Ira Mitchell, Alfred Memelink, Fiona Goulding, Sandra Whyte, Donna Massey, Stephanie Crisp, Jacquie Ellis, Julie Greig and Irina Velman.

… there’s tons of others too, but we feel you get the idea.